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Crenshaw Sport Bowling Classic
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Handicap or a Scratch tournament?

This is a Handicap Tournament (based on 90% of 200).  However, there may be optional scratch divisions available at check-in (no pre-registration required).

Where can I view a picture of the pattern which will be used for this tournament and/or get more information regarding the specific lane condition to be used?

The pattern used for the 2005 was designed by the Kegel Corporation in Lake Wells, Florida. See home page of this site for picture of an overhead view of this pattern and click pattern for more detailed information.

Why are you using a "sport pattern" for this tournament?

In order for a tournament to be classified as a sanctioned sport tournament by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), the tournament conditions must comply with relatively strict guidelines set forth by Sport Bowling.  One condition is that a valid "sport pattern" be used.  The most prevalent feature of a sport pattern is that there can never be more than 3 times the amount of oil on average in the middle five boards of the lanes as there are in boards 3-7 from the right & left gutters (that is the shot is relatively "flat", but there are many other requirements also).  Depending on age of lane surface the limit may be as low as 2.5 or even 2 for newer surfaces.  Once again, though the oil condition is what would typically be considered a fairly flat pattern.

At the PBA website section devoted to "Lane Conditions" they state that some typical house/league patterns have 9 times or more oil concentrated in the middle portions of the lane (a condition which they state is not used in professional events because it can inflate professional bowlers' average by as much as 20 to 50 pins).  Click here to read what the PBA has to say about typical league patterns on their website, in a section detailing the patterns used on the professional tour.

From USBC Sport Bowling website ("About Sport Bowling")
  • What is Sport Bowling?

Sport Bowling is a program created by the United States Bowling Congress. It consists of leagues and tournament that are conducted on challenging lane conditions. The program, in its most basic form, is an opportunity for all bowlers to determine their true skills in such areas as accuracy, consistency, the ability to read lanes, and spare shooting skills to have success rather than rely on high-tech equipment or forgiving lane patterns to achieve high honor awards.

It is a new level of competitions embraced by bowlers who are seeking a greater challenge and to base their level of success directly on their skills.

  • Why is the USBC doing this?

Because it is time to separate the sport of bowling from the game by putting skill in front of technology.

In todays fast-paced environment, we sometimes lose sight of the challenge of the sport for the needs of the standard bowler. The differences between skill and technology have become blurred, and we believe it is time to provide the crystal clarity to those differences.

Sport Bowling is the answer to the request of many bowlers who want to bring credibility back to the sport they love. By creating sanctioned, competitive leagues, it allows for the skills of the bowler to take a big step in that direction.

  • Why would you want to join?

Pride. Challenge. Skill. Ability. Accuracy. Competition. Credibility. This is the chance to see just what you have in the sport of bowling and in what areas you need to improve.

Sport Bowling allows for you to show you true skill level in a competitive atmosphere with other bowlers.

And, most important, Sport Bowling will be the standard by which competitive bowlers are measured.

Please feel free to call or email if you have additional questions or concerns.